I, One, Uno, Yo, 2019

Metamorphosis, 2019

Nostalgia, 2019

Transformation, 2019

I, One, Uno, Yo, 2019

I, ONE, UNO is an exploration of my path towards wholeness and the understanding of the Self. Through installation, images, video, and language I translated what it means to connect with my Self, the metamorphosis of life, the transformation of the mind, body, and soul, and the balance and imbalance of “I”.

O, 2019
O, 2019

This exhibition is the first body of work to represent my spiritual and symbolic phases that constantly transform and transmute to different realms of consciousness.

III, 2020

The usage of technology and design allowed me to explore the flexibility of intangible identities that can be only translated to a certain point of transparency and vulnerability.

eye, 2020

María Sánchez is a multidisciplinary designer from Caracas, Venezuela. She is based in Baltimore studying Graphic Design at Maryland Institute College of Art. For the past year, she has been challenging the concept of graphic design through the exploration of different mediums, analog to digital. María is currently researching ways to relate design and identity through holistic approaches, in order to reclaim the relationships between client, viewer, and designer.
    María’s work has been exhibited at Nomü Nomü in Baltimore for Refusing Refusal, at Spotify and Apple Music for Baltimore based musicians June Pastel and Huggy Jones, in http:// hypertransfer-protocol and New Normal virtually, at Current Space Gallery for a collaboration in the Fantasy Machine Reloaded fashion show in Baltimore, and with BmoreArt magazine in Baltimore, where she was also a photography and marketing intern in 2019.