新年快乐 Happy New Year by Annika Cheng

Picnic Under Sky Mountain by Tina Guo

Bloom series by Kiran Joan
Bloom series by Kiran Joan


New Religion by Quan Zhao Lim 

Seaside by Winnie Su

Here For You by Angela Lee

Here For You by Angela Lee

Spring 2020 Couture by Ruth Huang Xu

Spring 2020 Couture by Ruth Huang Xu

How do you define community? Exploring concepts of peace, hope, unity, advocacy, introspection, and overall what brings us together when we're apart. This exhibition encourages artists to reflect on their own surroundings and pursue concepts of unity within their own identities.

Asian Student Alliance (ASA) aims to share diversity of Asian culture within the MICA community through social events and community support. We provide information about Asian culture, emphasizing its richness, vastness, and multitude of experiences. The club is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Asian culture and its role in America more broadly.