Q&A is an ongoing project exploring the intersection between being both Queer and Asian through one on one conversations and listening of stories. The project is rooted in building a personal community, highlighting the necessity of creating an own space.

From the lack of representation in media to the need of being able to openly share experiences, Q&A seeks to give Queer Asians a chance to find community within each other and build connections. Viewing representation as an act that can be fulfilled by yourself and those around you. This series highlights a space for Queer Asians to tell their own unique stories, a narrative that is often stereotyped, silenced or spoken over. These individuals can candidly talk about their identity, thoughts about representation, the future, and what being both Queer and Asian means to them.

Initially starting only as a photographic series, Q&A can now also be seen through small books of portraits, social gatherings A Q&A Tea Party, an online archive of photographs, large prints with accompanying audio recording and on social media as a means of connecting.

A Q&A Tea Party


Gianna Chun is an artist from Hong Kong and Singapore, she is now based in Baltimore studying at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) for her BFA in photography. Growing up in Beijing, the amalgamation of different cultures has led them to think and create internationally. Gianna's work addresses the nuances of identity through a variety of mediums, currently with a focus in photography. Relationships, journeys, intimacy, growth and change, Gianna seeks to find connection, stories and community with a curious eye. Whether through the LGBTQ+ community, cultural differences or challenging the sense of belonging and home, her work is ever-evolving and hopes to highlight narratives that are both personal and global.
    Gianna’s work has been exhibited at Art Depot 798 in Beijing, China as well as in Meyerhoff Gallery, Decker Library and Main 0 Gallery at MICA amongst others. Her work was also published in LUST, a digital zine for The Killer And A Sweet Thang and received an endowed internship at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC.